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Just across the Adriatic Sea from Venice, the diminutive country of Slovenia has it all – coast, mountains, lakes, castles – and all within an hour or so of each other. Its beautiful Art Nouveau capital, Ljubljana, is a sophisticated mix of lively cafés, baroque churches, high culture and a medieval castle.  Slovenia offers the best of Europe without the crowds of travelers.

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We regularly garner applause from our travelers for the inspired opportunities we provide to help them get to know the local people, distinctive art, architecture and accomplishments of Slovenia.  Below is just a sampling of the Slovenia experiences MIR has designed to take our clients far from the familiar.

Ways to Travel to Slovenia with MIR

Emerging almost strife-free from the wreckage of Yugoslavia in 1991, Slovenia has worked diligently to secure itself a solid future: We would love for you to experience that future before everyone else catches up.

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Custom and private travel is our specialty. We’ve been designing unforgettable custom itineraries through the ups and downs of the Balkan region for over two decades; a majority of our guests travel on custom itineraries.

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Take a look at our suggested Private Journeys, Essential Balkans, or read more about how to design your own trip.  Also, consider this: You can customize our Balkan Odyssey: Crossroads of Culture small group tour or other MIR small group Balkans tours to match your preferred dates of travel.

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Check out just a handful of our Slovenia signature experiences below and then get in touch with a MIR Private Journey Specialist  to craft an itinerary that suits your travel goals, budget and style. Or get started planning now.


Suggested Itineraries for Private Travel

Whether you’re looking for a compact trip with all the highlights or something a little roomier with some of the extras, MIR offers itineraries that are available on a private departure basis with your choice of dates. They can also serve as inspiration for your own custom itinerary.

Our itinerary, your dates – great for solo travelers, couples or small groups.



Our Favorite Places in Slovenia


Though the area has been settled since Roman times, Ljubljana was officially mentioned by name in the year 1144 and received town rights in 1220. Shortly thereafter it fell under Habsburg rule, where it remained until 1918 when it became part of Yugoslavia. This long period of relative stability allowed the town to thrive culturally and architecturally. Partially destroyed in 1511 and again in 1895 by earthquakes, the city is a stunning mix of baroque, Renaissance, neoclassical and Austrian Art Nouveau styles, epitomized by homegrown architect Jože Plečnik's work, found throughout the city.

Since Slovenia's entrance into the European Union in 2004, Ljubljana has come into its own as a capital city. Small by European standards with a population of 270,000 people, its 50,000-strong student population (drawn to the excellent reputation of the University of Ljubljana) has ensured that the arts, culture and nightlife of Ljubljana are constantly fresh and always flourishing. Look for the dragon motif – the city's symbol – manifested in many different ways.

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Journeys that travel to Ljubljana

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Close to the Austrian border, the small city of Maribor flourished for years under Austro-Hungarian rule as a German exclave and capital of the region known as Styria. During World War II, this area of Slovenia was annexed by Nazi Germany and Maribor became a major supplier of arms for the Axis powers. Accordingly, it was heavily bombed by the Allies throughout the war and the Germans that remained were expelled after it was over.

With Slovenian independence in 1991, the city experienced record levels of unemployment because of the loss of a ready market in Yugoslavia. But today the city, which lies on the river Drava in a lush, green valley, is Slovenia's second biggest and retains much of its Old World charm. Lent, the area directly on the river, is a maze of small houses and even smaller lanes with street cafés, bars and restaurants.

The European Union designated Maribor a European Capital of Culture in 2012. In conjunction with this nomination, the city hosted several festivals and special events throughout the year.

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The town of Bled first appeared in annals in the year 1004, though almost certainly the area has been settled since before recorded time. Visitors from around Slovenia are attracted to Bled’s setting in northwestern Slovenia's Julian Alps, and to Lake Bled, a glacial lake popular with outdoor sports enthusiasts. Bled's medieval castle, set high on a hill overlooking the lake, features bells that can be heard across the small valley quite often, as ringing them is supposed to bring luck.

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Istrian Peninsula

Situated in southwest Slovenia, the country’s slice of the Istrian Peninsula is small but richly rewarding. The history of the Istrian region dates back to Roman Times. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, the region was ruled by first the Goths and then the Byzantines. In 1267, Istria became part of the Republic of Venice. It is under Venetian rule that the region flourished. Over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, it continued to switch rulers.

Today, the lovely towns of Istria create the impression of being back in the Middle Ages. Piran is known for having the best-preserved Venetian architecture in Slovenia. Its narrow streets and intact city wall have made it a historic and cultural center of Slovenia. Situated on the water, the town looks out at both the water and mountains. The old fishing town of Izola is famous for its old stone houses, ancient churches and folklore. Further up the coast, is Koper, where the buildings’ facades serve as a review of the town’s history. Koper also boasts the largest cathedral in Slovenia.

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When to Travel to Slovenia

Festival of Lent, Maribor (June)

Lent Festival in SloveniaThe Lent International Summer Festival is a major multicultural arts festival held at the peak of summer in Maribor. One of the biggest open-air festivals in southeast Europe, the festival features more than 1,500 events on 30 stages in 16 days. The variety of entertainment includes musical concerts, author evenings, dance performances, stand-up comedy, folk performances, puppet shows, sports events, and creative workshops for children.

Winter activities and Christmas traditions (December)

During the holiday season in Slovenia, seasonal lights welcome visitors to the Christmas and New Year’s street fairs, which include events for children, musical concerts and local arts and crafts booths. From Christmas to New Year’s, street theater, concerts and children’s performances are held and Christmas concerts take place in local churches. Christmas parades with torches take place in the nearby hills. Holiday village events are common, ranging from the blessing of horses and carol singing to live nativities staged in the karst caves around Slovenia.