Essential Iran Enhanced

Spend 12 days sampling Iran’s cities, walking through history, discovering Zoroastrian life, studying archaeological sites and admiring gorgeous Islamic architecture. From cosmopolitan Tehran to breathtaking Isfahan, get to know five illustrious Iranian cities and six outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Read More

Essential Central Asia

Explore the markets, mosques, minarets and teahouses of oasis towns on the fringes of the Kyzyl Kum and Kara Kum deserts. Here, spiritual beliefs were the greatest commodities to flow along trade routes, and civilizations blossomed amidst austere natural beauty. Read More

Essential Iran

Visit a trio of Iran’s finest cities to discover Persian treasures and modern Islamic daily life. See spirited Tehran, the country’s marketplace, romantic Shiraz with its miles of roses, and beautiful Isfahan, its arched bridges glowing in the evening light. This overland journey gives you a chance to learn about the history of this ancient land, to meet its modern inhabitants and to gain understanding of their culture.Read More

Essential Caucasus

Armenia’s intricate stone khachkar crosses, the bounteous wines of Georgia and the ancient petroglyphs of Azerbaijan are icons of these three intertwined Caucasus countries, where you can experience five UNESCO masterpieces in 10 days. Explore cave monasteries, Zoroastrian fire temples and medieval watchtowers, and feast on the savory cuisine of the imaginative South Caucasus cultures.Read More

Essential Tibet

Fly to the holy city of Lhasa high on the Tibetan Plateau. Admire the treasures of Tibetan culture on the “Roof of the World” and respond to the atmosphere of centuries of Buddhist practices.The highlights of this stirring journey are the holy city of Lhasa and the remote monasteries and sacred refuges hidden in the heart of the forbidding Tibetan Plateau.Read More

Essential Balkans

Explore seven Balkan countries on this compact overland journey through history. Visit the capitals, the countryside, and the competing cultures of the Balkan Peninsula. This circular driving itinerary begins and ends in lovely Dubrovnik. In between, survey the capitals and classic sites of the meeting point of ancient Greece and Rome, Christianity and Islam.Read More

Essential Poland

Modern Poland is one of Europe’s most exciting countries, brimming with lively urban centers, beautiful countryside, saw-toothed mountains, cultural treasures and deep beliefs. Survey Poland’s capital, animated Warsaw and the former royal city of Krakow with its medieval town square and underground pubs. On this focused tour, visit four Polish UNESCO sites in six days ­– Warsaw’s Old Town, Krakow’s Historic Center, the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp and the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Read More

Essential Baltics

Take an overland survey of the Baltic capitals, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, exploring their UNESCO-listed Old Towns, featuring cobbled streets and red-tiled roofs. Visit important rural sites like Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses and Latvia’s baroque Rundale Castle. Read More

Essential Ukraine

Ukraine is the borderland between Europe and Russia. Explore this resilient region influenced by Polish princes, Cossack hetmen, Turkish khans, Russian communists and Ukrainian poets and nationalists. The cradle of Slavic civilization, Ukraine offers an abundance of cultural treasures, a richness of detail and a largeness of spirit that can make a devotee out of even a seasoned traveler. On this compact journey, explore Western Ukraine’s Lviv, with its European feel, before flying to the glittering capital, Kiev, and then on to the historic port city of Odessa.Read More

Essential Uzbekistan

Roam the great Silk Road oases of Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva, all of them UNESCO Sites. Admire their mosques, madrassahs and minarets clad in ceramic tiles the color of the desert sky. Read More