MIR’s 30 Years: Epic Journeys – Ultimate Dream Trips (VIDEO)

MIR’s 30 Years: Epic Journeys – Ultimate Dream Trips (VIDEO)

(Douglas Grimes is co-founder and president of MIR Corporation.)

What does it take to create an epic journey?
Imagine someone who has dreamed a travel dream for decades, but has no idea how to make it a reality. It might be seeing Siberia – not by the popular Trans-Siberian Railway – but by vintage automobile, following in the 1908 tire tracks of a pioneering motorist. It might also be exploring alluring lands of the Silk Road, through China or Central Asia, or the South Caucasus in Land Rovers – a modern-day variation of a camel caravan.

Yet, it is one experience to witness the wonders of a new country, hear a strange language, eat unfamiliar foods, or sip tea with locals. It is an entirely different experience to be the one backstage overseeing the details of that epic journey. Such “logistical wizardry” is what I love to do, and it is MIR’s deep expertise as well. Thirty years ago we at MIR began creating custom journeys for the most intrepid of travelers venturing to the territory of the U.S.S.R. Today we create journeys that span our territory at the crossroads of Europe and Asia – 35 countries – including Central Asia’s Five ‘Stans, the South Caucasus nations of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, China, Iran and beyond.

Here’s one of my favorite examples of long-time MIR clients who’ve taken the concept of “epic journey” and truly turned it into a family affair, traveling from two to five months on average each year in their Land Rovers, with sometimes dozens of friends and family joining them in their latest adventure:

Travel, No Holds BarredLike the Canadian couple with their extended family and friends, many travelers prefer to explore MIR destinations on their own terms, and sometimes in their own vehicles. MIR helps make their imaginative overland expeditions successful by handling complex logistics such as visas, multi-border crossings, car permits, hotels in remote places – even where to find the nearest gas station in Siberia.

Camping with Land Rovers at Darvaza Gas Crater, in the desert of Turkmenistan
Photo credit: Russ & Ellen Cmolik

Turkmenistan’s Darvaza Gas Crater, one of many memorable photo ops for Canadians Russ & Ellen Cmolik
Photo credit: Russ & Ellen Cmolik

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MIR’s specialty is navigating the countries at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, complex places that can stymie travelers on their own, especially at borders known for their historic and modern tensions such as Russia and China, or in countries with frequently changing border requirements like Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. We’re up-to-date on the latest information required for each country, with on-the-ground support through our local MIR-affiliated offices who aid us in overseeing logistics and in creating itineraries to surprise and satisfy even the most discerning and demanding traveler.

Year after year, we at MIR are delighted to successfully assist this Canadian couple through complex logistical challenges on each of their epic journeys.

MIR President Douglas Grimes in Uzbekistan with the adventurous Canadian couple, along with their extended family and friends
Photo credit: Douglas Grimes

Imagine the (Epic) JourneyI invite you to imagine your own travel journey, and then imagine that journey with MIR. The team of experts at MIR have created scheduled tours that will challenge your perceptions of the world, whether it’s watching the launch of the Russian Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station, witnessing a shaman ceremony, or motorcycling the back roads of Central Asia on a BMW. We especially excel at creating personalized journeys handcrafted to your wishes and interests, with as complex an itinerary as you can dream up.

What does it take to create an epic journey? With MIR, it’s a memorable melding of expertise, logistics, and imagination – all centered at the culturally rich crossroads of Europe and Asia.

On the road, once again – near Yarkand, China
Photo credit: Russ & Ellen Cmolik

 MIR’s 30 Years, in a Nutshell

Learn more about “MIR’s 30 Years” in the stories below, all embedded with videos. They include MIR’s beginnings and the mindset and mission of MIR’s president and co-founder, Douglas Grimes; MIR’s utterly unique travel offerings at the crossroads of Europe and Asia; and Siberia, one of MIR’s favorites specialties.

You can also view the entire video series of “MIR’s 30 Years” on MIR’s YouTube channel, , specifically under the playlist,

MIR’s Beginnings

MIR’s One-of-a-Kind Journeys

Siberia, A MIR Specialty

MIR, in a Nutshell

(Top photo: Camel caravan at the modern border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan along the ancient Silk Road. Photo credit: Russ & Ellen Cmolik)

PUBLISHED: October 12, 2016

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