MIR’s 30 Years: Imagine Your Journey with MIR (VIDEO)

MIR’s 30 Years: Imagine Your Journey with MIR (VIDEO)

What is your dream journey, a travel experience that will transform the way you look at this world and at those around you?

Imagine traveling to once-forbidden lands such as Central Asia, Iran, and remote parts of the former Soviet Union; experiencing the rugged mountains of Tajikistan by driving its famed high-altitude Pamir Highway; helicoptering to the once off-limits lands of volcanoes, geysers, and reindeer herders on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East; motoring in vintage cars, Jeeps, or motorcycles across China and Siberia – and even traversing it on foot.

These are just a few travel dreams turned into reality for MIR travelers.

For over 15 years MIR has shown travelers the dazzling beauty of Iran, as here in Isfahan’s Imam Square
Photo credit: Martin Klimenta

“Impossible” PossibilitiesDream journeys may be easy to imagine, but after researching such adventures you may discover a stark reality: “impossible,” or “impossible to do on my own.” It might be a tour of Central Asia meeting artisans in their homes and workshops, or tasting your way through Russia or Georgia in the South Caucasus; perhaps it’s an epic drive through Siberia in a vintage car.  The myriad of details and logistics can be daunting. You need to figure out how to get there, what documentation and visas are required, research and book arrangements for safe and convenient accommodations and restaurants, and create contingency plans for emergencies.

This is where MIR can get you started on your dream journey, on the right foot, and where MIR does it best, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. No one knows that better than MIR’s co-founder and president, Douglas Grimes.

Imagine the Journey with MIR There are many ways to travel with MIR:

  • Overland Expeditions: MIR has been fulfilling the dreams of intrepid travelers for 30 years, and one of its favorites is creating exciting and even daring overland expeditions crossing multiple countries – for months at a time – in cars, Jeeps, and motorcycles. Complicated visa and travel documentation combined with complex on-the-ground logistics are overseen by MIR’s Seattle experts together with MIR’s local affiliated in-country offices, staffed by hand-picked local coordinators, to help pave the way for a smooth and successful adventure. A memorable example: Wishing to discover the world up close, MIR worked with one couple who each drove their own Land Rover for several months on an overland expedition across China, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics and Belarus, with their close friends joining them along the way. 

A typical livestock challenge on an epic MIR overland expedition near Kashgar, China
Photo credit: Russ & Ellen Cmolik

  • Handcrafted Private Journeys: MIR also specializes in creating handcrafted, private journeys to destinations of your travel dreams, focusing on your own specific interests, itineraries, and timelines. MIR travelers have explored their family heritage in the villages of their ancestors in Western Ukraine. Others have taken their grandchildren through former Yugoslavia, witnessing the Balkan nations’ recovery from the 1990s war – along with a little zip lining and kayaking thrown into the mix. More than 300 travelers journeyed to Siberia to witness a total solar eclipse, and still others organized groups of clowns over many years to give hope and laughter to children in Russian hospitals and orphanages.  

Beginning in the late 1980s, MIR created custom journeys for Patch Adams’ group of American clowns, bringing smiles to Soviet children
Photo credit: Dr. Patch Adams

For more than 25 years MIR has led travelers to Siberia’s remote Kamchatka Peninsula, where reindeer reign
Photo credit: Martin Klimenta

Over the years MIR has won top awards for tours ranging from its up-close look inside the Russian space program, to its classic Silk Route expedition across Central Asia and one of the first culinary tours in Russia.

Blastoff from Baikonur, Kazakhstan – a highlight of MIR’s award-winning tour, ‘Inside the Russian Space Program’
Photo credit: Douglas Grimes

Imaginative Journeys with MIR Imagine your journey – impossible as it may seem – and then imagine it with MIR. To offer inspiration, check out MIR’s web site where you can learn all about MIR’s uncommon group tours and custom and private journeys; enjoy “you are there” travel videos on MIR’s YouTube channel, ; and browse through travel stories and special offers on MIR’s travel blog. 

“One of the draws for us at MIR is that the destinations are always changing, making travel logistics very challenging – it’s never a dull moment. We invite travelers to try MIR and experience our passion and expertise for the crossroads of Europe and Asia.”

– Douglas Grimes, MIR Co-Founder & President

When you read these stories and view these videos you will see why, in imagining your own travel journey, you can so easily imagine that journey with MIR.

More on “MIR’s 30 Years”

Learn more about “MIR’s 30 Years” in the stories below, all embedded with videos. They include MIR’s beginnings and the mindset and mission of MIR’s president and co-founder, Douglas Grimes; MIR’s utterly unique travel offerings at the crossroads of Europe and Asia; and Siberia, one of MIR’s favorites specialties.

You can also view the video series of “MIR’s 30 Years” on MIR’s YouTube channel, , specifically under the playlist,

MIR’s Beginnings

MIR’s One-of-a-Kind Journeys

Siberia, A MIR Specialty

MIR, in a Nutshell

(Top photo credit: Russ & Ellen Cmolik — One of MIR’s many handcrafted overland expeditions, this one along a road near Kashgar, China.)

PUBLISHED: October 18, 2016

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