Siberia Spotlight: Ulan Ude’s Top Attraction – Lenin’s Head

Siberia Spotlight: Ulan Ude’s Top Attraction – Lenin’s Head

If you are ever in Ulan Ude, Siberia, you can’t miss the enormous Lenin head – the biggest in the world – in the town square. The bronze sculpture is 25 feet tall and weighs 42 tons.

The head was unveiled in 1971 to mark the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth and ever since, it’s been Ulan Ude’s claim to fame, meeting place, and most photographed attraction.

The world's largest sculpted head of Lenin on the central square of Ulan Ude. Photo credit: Devin Connolly

The world’s largest sculpted head of Lenin on the central square of Ulan Ude
Photo credit: Devin Connolly

And while you’re in Ulan Ude….Lenin’s head is certainly a main draw in Siberia’s Ulan Ude, but there is much more to experience in this city and region:

  • Visit the open-air Ethno Museum of Transbaikal Peoples, which recreates a traditional Siberian village of the 19th century.
  • Stop in at the Ivolginsk Datsan, a Buddhist monastery that is the center of Russian Buddhism. If the timing is lucky, you may witness the monks chanting prayers in Tibetan.
  • Have lunch in a traditional Buryat ger and dine onmilky Buryat tea and a plate of juicy posy, the savory Buryat meat dumplings.
  • Set off into the countryside for a visit to a village of Old Believers.

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There are a number of ways you can visit Ulan Ude and see Lenin’s head for yourself:

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Top photo: Lenin’s head is a towering presence in Ulan Ude, Siberia. Photo credit: Eileen Bjorkman

PUBLISHED: January 27, 2016

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