MIR’s U.S. & Overseas Staff:

Your guide’s knowledge and destination experience are crucial to the success of your trip, but are not the only essential elements.

MIR’s tour managers and national guides are experienced, caring, multilingual leaders who bring good humor and a love of their work to ensure your satisfaction. Their expert leadership in the field is unmatched and has earned them rave reviews from our past guests.


Tour Managers

  • Maria Akkaya
  • Michel Behar
  • Inga Belova
  • Olga Boyarskaya
  • Tamara Dubko
  • Jamshid Fayzullaev
  • Natalia Ivanova
  • Yuriy Kim
  • Martin Klimenta
  • Anvar Nasimov
  • Furkat Pulatov
  • Katya Puzyreva
  • Abdu Samadov
  • Paul Schwartz
  • Batir Shamakhsudov
  • Max Sjoeblom
  • Alla Shishkina
  • Jurate Terleckaite
  • Irena Trushkevych
  • Tatiana Timoshuk